… This is all about the last Kampong run (for the time being …)

The run took started at Jalan Kampong Chantek, and basically hasn't gone any further as we've been running in circles around the departure point for about 1 hour …

Anyway, this is how things went, tell me if I'm wrong …

First of all we had the honor to have all virgins on ice, women on men's tights, several rounds, and lots of down downs. Then the Grand Mistress turned up and put the Hares on ice (good choice!) for acting like virgin hares and missing out on the sign. Run was declared "best run of the year", "good walk", "very good run for Kampong standards" (obviously the bumblebees/hornets and whatever are also part of the Kampong Hash.)

That was followed by Tight Ass and Dirty Hacker on ice for having accomplished a heroic action: 25 run in the Kampong!!! (I wonder if there were no corruption here and paper cheating just to receive the 25th run Kampong gift …)

Shoeless got back on ice for his great last year's run, the very famous Batam run, one can't have too much of this special end-of-the-year's run … hopefully next time we’ll see Jeff Fucking Baron on ice for a change!

The whip came in, introducing himself as being the "whip", the "biggest bastard on the run" (to meditate … I personally think there are bigger bastards than him in this run …).

Picking on Indy straight ahead for 1) wearing sexy skirt and shoes ("fuck me shoes") & mascara … and looking for a husband 2) making the whip break his new year resolution!). [The mind boggles … and having boggled, moves on. Ed.]

Nurse Fucker on ice together with Malfunk for not having used the ropes to climb and try to inaugurate a Rambo style into the Kampong Hash … all this to come down tumbling down!

International Bastard on ice for running with new shoes and drank beer out of his NEW shoe … a classic!

Chicken Shit assisted with Deep Shit on ice for stepping across a garden during the run, killing the vegetables!

Then the Whip got to name few people:

Time came for birthday cakes: Shoeless and Malfunction, got this real birthday cake baked on their heads using a cigarette as for candle! … then I didn’t believed my eyes, Gypsy stood and took off two enormous diapers out of his pants. These were used to protect his tender backside from Kampong Hash Ice!! (yyyaaaccckk, uuurrrkkkhhh).

Indy put Popeye on ice for not being able to coach football games but looking forward to some fantastic trophies … some Seletar trophies that reside with her!!!

ON ON!!!