Kampong Hash House Harriers
Run No. 10
17 June 2000

A soggy, returning pack rallies 'round the beer truck

Dammit, I tell you, they downgraded Anchor to protect Tiger's market share.

Oh, am I going to have fun with these poor people!

Jesus, this stuff is cold. It'll probably fracture all my teeth!

The GM gets a "tracking query" from HQ... (Rolling Pin HQ)

Yes, Dear... No, Dear, I won't...

Make no mistake, the wankers must be guilty of something!

This guy is guilty of abusing sharks!

Whether you run or not, new shoes are never a great idea on the hash

Geez, I wish I'd worn clean socks this evening

Hash Brew or not, clearly the hare is always guilty as charged

What do you think it smells like? I found it on the ground over there

Are those pink?... or just dirty?

The Court Jester, the Queen of May and the two guys that conquered the North Pole

I've never, ever witnessed such decadence and debauchery!

DOG SHIT drinks better, once he's had his dinner

TIGHT ARSE (in the yellow dress) whips poor, defenseless COOCHI TOO

BC, looking pretty smug with a mug. (Don't blink)

The co-hare pleads "Not Guilty". Fat hope.

What good's it to keep your pants dry if yer knickers get soaked?

It turns out Isabella didn't have a real hash T-shirt, so she made one!

The noble whip trades his for hers (lustily hoping that she would trade hers for his, so to speak) Neva hoppen, boyboy!

Lips that touch alcohol will never touch mine! Yeah, right.

This lot knows rubbish when they hear it!!

BLOOD SHIT reminds TIGHT ARSE about the party at his place last week

The Whip introduces a new member

Never mind, just think of it as a preservative

Wah lao! What to preserve, meh?

...and by the authority invested in The Whip, I now pronounce you WET,WET,WET!

These are BC's family and friends... Who had absolutely no idea what they were in for!

WET,WET,WET! surveys the damage

With three guys, blame will never be placed

Hard workin' TIGHT ARSE finally takes a break

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