Date: 16/4/2005

Run No: 68

Hares: Mother Mary, Hacker and Virginia Slim

Run Site: Junction of Old Jurong Rd and Bukit Batok Heavy Industrial Car Park

Grandmaster PoPEYE invited the first timers of Kampong Hash, Ditch from Houston Texas and Shaggy Dick from England to sit on ice.

GM also announced that AGM will be held next month, run site not confirmed yet. Registration starts at 3.30pm, and the AGM will be held at 4.00pm. AND this will be the last that you will see of the Powder Power Committee with PoPEYE and he said, as much as he enjoyed his management with us ladies he was glad that the term came to an end, how he managed 9 women is a nightmare he thoroughly enjoyed.

SHHH 25th Anniversary Run will be held at Echo Valley and registration for this Great Event is only $50.00 up till 30/4/2005.

GM then went on to mention that the 25th Anniversary of Seletar Run is to be held from June 24th to June 26th, run site is at Echo Valley and all hashers are invited to participate in this Grand International Event where they expect guests to reach 700 and more ……… please register early and on line registration can be done on the KHHH website as well.


Hares on ice and Mother Mary had black lacey underwear to show off tonight and Virginia Slim got lost only twice during the recee.

Comments on the run being Brilliant, Beautiful and Superb came from most of the hares but a bit too long for Kampong Hash some felt, but on the whole a Great run.

Whip's Charges:

Our Lady Whip , Zipp came on the scene with her charges and this would probably be the last time you see her in action as a Whip. (Sec note: Thank you Zipp for an excellent job !!!! )

Handjob and Linda were on ice for donning on the lovely, sexy, spaghetti Strip T- shirts with the Kampong Hash Logo back to front …………



At 4.15pm we get a call from Ball Teaser telling those of us who came early for the meeting and we were waiting at the run site , and the fact that it was raining cats and dogs and here we are all trying to keep ourselves dry and here she is telling us there is no rain at all …… where are the rest of us as she cannot see any one of us ………… Of Course NOT !!!!!!!! Because she was at the wrong car park and she was also on dry ground unlike the rest of us who were all getting drenched despite finding shelter at the coffee shop. She was on ice for getting lost at the wrong carpark !!!

Gypsy and Skidmark were next for offending and insulting the whip and no one, no one, not even if he is the husband can get away with this crime ………

Here Skidmark brought this men's magazine featuring Gypsy and his wife (Zipp who is our whip) and here our Lady Whip had visions of being on the Centrefold taking up the whole page, looking sexy, young and youthful but to her utter dismay and disgust, her age was mentioned on the article, she was not anywhere near the Centrefold and on the website of this same magazine there they Gypsy with another woman ??? AND to add insult to injury Wiggly Willie had to say and she must have been less then 35 years of age ………… he was on ice just for that remark !!!!!!!!!

Whip commented that it was a good run, she thoroughly enjoyed herself and especially when she heard this comment from Squire, (on ice Squire), as they were going down this slope he said to the Whip , "use your backside this pole is very slippery " very kinky thoughts he had, what was he thinking of, this rude @#$%^ and he was given a down down.

Everyone was helping everyone during the run, especially when we approached a stream and there we have ugly bum in the stream confusing Nursefucker, where was Ad Nauseum when all this was going on ? All 3 on ice for causing major confusion downstream …

The Whip was at this Harriets run and was almost reduced to tears when she got hold of a T-Shirt which had PoPEYE printed on it. She thought PoPEYE sponsored the T-Shirt and so PoPEYE was called upon to sit on ice BUT unfortunately the sponsor was not the sponsor as he is a tightarse. Tightarse was (naturally) iced too and given the plastic bag and the lovely new Popeye T-Shirt was given to PoPEYE.

Slowcum and Shaggy Dick on ice for being so drunk and splashing and kicking water from the ditch all over the Whip during the run ……… the Whip told them anything you can do I can do Icier and had both of them with Ditch on ice for splashing …………

Red Baron was asked to do his demo on how to reduce the tummy exercise and when he was showing us his demo and he said to all that "you have to be in this position for as long as you can " and Wiggly Willie commented that his wife is one lucky woman. It looks as if Cat Woman is the only person following these exercises as she has lost her tummy. (Welcome back Cat Woman . . . from your maternity leave.)




Mystery whip was Wiggly Willie and he called upon the man with the magic carpet "El Cheapo" who was true to his name. He met El Cheapo at Clarke Quay in one of the bars having drinks with two ladies and there he was ,so proud to be seen entertaining two young ladies and Wiggly Willie went up to him and was so impressed with his Casanova Role only to find out that he brings these ladies and more if he can because it was Ladies night every Thursday at this pub. For that El Cheapo deserved a down, down and to make matters worse for himself , he is bribing Wiggly Willie by telling him, we brothers donít tell on one another ……… how wrong can he be !!!! ……… Wiggly assured him that once you are in the hash, we may be brothers but news like this is news for all ………


Skidmark and Sherpa for coming down this Saturday being a Kampong Hash run and were seen signing up for the Lion City Hash Run ……… were they confused and had to sit on ice ………


Jack Off called on the Whip for not being able to remember who is who at the kampong run and did she need a name list ……… not a positive point being the Whip, she should know who is who in the hash at all times ????????


As he was running pass the old, broken down Brick Factory, Strapless saw an old, broken down weighing machine and he could not resist the temptation to weigh himself, he tried standing on it, jumping on it and stepping on it but his weight was still at "zero". What did he expect the weighing machine to show …… what was he thinking with all that action on that machine ……… that he was on the moon ????


Ad Nauseam and Ugly Bum were on ice as Ugly Bum was bitching and grumbling all through the run. She further complained that her husband is so mean ……… (we all know that) and he wonít let her put her feet on the dashboard of their brand new Mercedes but she could put her leg on his whatsit ……… but not on the dashboard because it was a new car ……… here is to the Vintage car and a note was given to the duo.


Mother's Tongue put Strapless on ice for being so absolutely obnoxious as he was standing by the creek and had water up to his neck but when Mother's Tongue was smart enough to walk behind him the water was only knee deep !!!!





Next, the present Committee of Powder Power Women was on ice for a Wonderful job done!!!!! Olive first for still using Lion City Nomination form which included Grand Mistress and no mention of Whip. Ball Teaser for doing an exemplary job with the accounts. The rest of the beautiful Powder Power Committee of Handjob, Zipp, Horny Porny, Mother Mary, Cat Woman, and Chicken Shit was called in with just PoPEYE's lap to sit on ………… all to his pleasure and advantage …………

NEVER will the Kampong Hash ever see a committee of Dedicated, Committed, Dutiful ladies because no man will ever dare take the task that PoPEYE so daringly embarked upon a year ago ……… we salute the Grand Master, Officer and Gentlemen.


OnOn was nearby the run site to very, very , wet …… delicious seafood, more songs, more drinks

and much more fun.



Hon Sec